The second part of our SnK photosession. The first part:

Alamber as Erwin Smith
Dantelian as Photographer

We’re closing!

Hello guys, it’s the admin here. 

This blog has been pretty much dead since February and now I’ve realized it’s time to close it…

I’ve been adding cosplay photos from July ‘13 to February and I always was very thorough about it. I put plenty of time into this blog and it paid off because not only am I super proud of the compilation of cosplay photos I made here, I also got so, so many followers I never imagined I would get! It’s not just a number, it’s actually almost 24 thousand people following me at this moment, who once decided they want to see more of the stuff I post and it makes me feel warmer inside, really. 

But I know that there’s no chance I will ever get back to wasting hours looking for photos and posting them - I’m done with my first year at university and the second year will be the most difficult… I don’t want any unnecessary responsibilities.

The blog will stay. I will tidy up a bit here and there will be full access to all the photos. 

You can still find me on my personal blog - I will still post stuff there, I can’t abandon Tumblr, I love it too much.

Also, I’m super sorry for all unanswered messages. I probably won’t answer them anymore since they’re already pretty old… 

Thank you for months of fun running this blog! Without my followers it wouldn’t have been so exciting! I hope you become even greater cosplayers and I hope Attack on Titan won’t give us many heart attacks. 

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Attack on Titan EreRi cosplay.

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They finally got some time to be together~

Historia: https://www.facebook.com/MarcieSv9

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/chasisphotos

*dies from cute*

this is still going around and it makes me so happy ;;

I read all the hashtags and lakjsdblkajhfajkfsd 

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Levi x Eren

Levi & Hanji

Levi x Eren





Jean & Marco


Christa & Ymir